Social Media Addiction VS Drug Addiction.

Social Media vs Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

1.Falling to meet responsibilities in order to use a substance, or because of substance use

2.Continuing to use the substance with full knowledge of any problems, health-related or other wise, it causes

3.Legal problems arising due to substance use

4.Behaving recklessly when under the influence of the substance, or while trying to obtain the substance

5.Experience of withdrawal symptoms. These can include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, changes in mood, and many othr

6.Ignoring activities or obligations once loved, such as work, school, family time, social enagements, or hobbies

7.Spending large amounts of time trying to obtain the drug, taking the drug, or recovering from using the drug

Social Addicition

1.Checking phone and Responding to chats while delaying a customer or in an official engagement. Getting food burnt due to use of social media. Or not being to rescue or prevent little child from hazard due to business with social media.

2.Loneliness, Headaches, Sleep disorders, Being overweight and obese due to social media over use.

3.Responding to chats and browsing Social media while driving leading to issues With traffic police.

4.Borrowing money to buy data; stealing money or getting money under pretence to buy data in order not to miss out of critical social media updates.

5.Inability to understand simple instructIons or lack of total concentration while browsing or chatting. Being unhappy and moody when you cannot reach your phone or out of network coverage.

6.Ignoring families and loved ones while Staying glued to social media. Preferring calling or chatting to face-to-face interactions

7.Spending too much to time on social media. Check your phones for updates or Notifications every 10 or 15 minute

8.Inability to control social media usage despite complaints from friends and family

Written by Arshad. A

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