Why most people don’t stay on their goals?


According to Brain Tracy (Success Through Goal-Setting), there are five reasons why people don’t set goals:

  1. They are simply not serious: people do not achieve anything remarkable unless they get “serious” about it.
  2. They don’t understand the importance of goals: People who come from successful families understand the value of goals early in life. Others grow up with the idea that goals are not even part of a normal existence.
  3. They don’t know how to do it: Goal setting is not included in standard education syllabus.
  4. Fear of rejection: The moment that people declare a worthwhile goal, someone steps up and tells them that they cannot achieve it and why. This destructive criticism causes the fear of rejection.
  5. Fear of failure: People do not set goals because they are afraid, they may fail. Fear of failure is the single greatest obstacle to success.

There are other reasons, too. The following reasons are related to experience, or lack thereof, and therefore, your employees will greatly benefit from knowing them so as to recognize them for what they are and be able to recover from these negative behavior patterns:

  1. Too busy to set goals: People are constantly fighting fires and moving from crisis to crisis. Since they do not have goals and plans, everything that they do is unplanned and, quite often, unexpected.
  2. Inability to decide: Some people want so many things that they do not know which of them to pick as a single goal or the first goal to pursue. This also leads to uncertainty. They are unsure of what they have decided upon and constantly change their minds. This is what I call the restaurant syndrome. Many people at restaurants look at what people around them are having and wish they had on their plates! Likewise, after declaring a goal, they look at the goals of people around them and change their minds.
  3. Fear of success: People are afraid that if they succeed, they will have to leave behind their existing friends and circles in order to hobnob with people at a new level. There is also the “Winner’s Curse”, that is, success leading to raised expectations of performance by peers and bosses and therefore having to work harder.
  4. Uncomfortable with change: Even with all its negative qualities, people are comfortable with the status quo. They fear the unknown and are unwilling to do anything that will expose them to their fears.

The best way to set goals is to see what we value most. We can pursue several goals in different areas at the same time. For example, we can simultaneously have personal goals and professional goals. We may also have several personal goals in various categories, such as:

Health (lose weight, run a marathon)

Family and friends (strengthen relationship, get married)

Hobbies (build a model, write a book)

Travel (take a cruise, visit exotic places)

At the same time, we may have several professional goals in various categories, such as:

   Performance (improve sales pitch, be prompt on follow up)

   Career development (take a training course, get certification in a relevant skill)

    Self-promotion (write white papers, set standards)

On the other hand, having multiple goals within the same category dilutes our focus. We can, however, have a series of goals that we achieve one at a time.

This Article take from: Time management for new employees

Written by ARSHAD. A

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