How Daily Habits Work’s

Daily Habits

Daily Habits

If you are just starting from scratch, this is a lot to take in. thinking about something that happens naturally and organically is a difficult thing to do. Something as natural as fighting can take years to master when it is taken up to the conscious level. Learning something as seemingly simple as playing the right keys in the right order on a musical instrument can also take years to master.

Small Talk

Whenever possible, start a conversation with anybody under any legitimate circumstance. This is not to get any specific benefit or information. This is only to practice interacting with other humans.


After every encounter, with every person, quickly see if they have any criteria that you would like your ideal partner to have. Only do this after the interaction, not before. If they are, they are the wrong gender or the wrong age bracket, that is fine.

Mark this down as “one interaction, zero criteria.” If they are the right gender, and that is the only thing, write it down as “one interaction, correct gender, nothing else.” Train your brain interact first, and sort later. It’s common to have criteria first and only talk to those who pass our criteria (e.g. correct gender, age range, sufficient attraction) but that means we are only choosing to talk to people we are attracted to.

And somebody who has a strong idea of their ideal lover, as well as the “talk first and sort later” mindset, is a very attractive person. Most people walk the Earth hoping to be accepted by others, you will develop the opposite mindset and unconscious energy.

Meta Model Question Practice

Whenever you get an opportunity, put yourself in the following mindset and ask as many meta model questions as you can. In the beginning, you will tend to fall into “judging” or “interrogating” meta model questions and not realize it until it is too late. That’s fine. Practice with your friends, and only ask meta model questions about safe topics. Movies, food, and other similarly leveled interests.

See how many questions you can ask that get longer and more enthusiastic answers. You’ll either run out of ideas, or your ego will take over without your consent. Either way is fine, but the more you practice, the more you’ll be able control the flow of answer by controlling the type of questions.

Practice Anchoring

Begin today by looking for any opportunity to use your good anchor. Choose an anchor, and let that anchor be forever your good anchor. Whatever you choose for your good anchor, practice using it on its own and practice using it with the good anchor- self point shift. The more you practice, the sooner you’ll start to use your good anchor as well as the self-point naturally without thinking. Practice the anchor and the self-point before you begin practicing embedded commands.

Practice Embedded Commands

Begin with innocent commands that feel easy to say. Try for a coupe within every conversation. Just step back in your mind while speaking, and choose a couple of command phrases, and say them in your command voice. Practice when you are alone. Read things and look for short commands and say them as commands when you read them.

Combine Commands and Anchors

Once you are comfortable with each on their own, begin to combine them. Start off with simple commands you know most people will go along with. Make money. Leave early. Sleep late. Once you prove to yourself that nobody is going to point at you and scream (like in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”) when you use embedded commands and anchors, see how far you can push what feels comfortable.

Practice Finding Golden Nuggets

Once you have practice meta model questions, practice looking for golden nuggets, vague ideas that represent people’s hopes and dreams and even fantasies. Practice pulling them out and magnifying them as much as possible. Remember to be extremely careful when taking about them, they are fragile. If you tread on the dreams of others, it’s something that you can never take back. Be careful!

Golden Nugget Anchors

Once you are skilled enough to extract and magnify their golden nuggets, begin anchoring them and feeling them back as commands. This will make you seem incredibly attractive and charismatic regardless of who you are talking to. If you already have a relationship partner, you have a built-in practice partner.

Always Journal

A powerful way to enhance your skills is to always journal after the fact. What happened, what went well, what didn’t go well, and what you might do differently next time. Journaling is a great way get your thoughts out on paper so you can look at your ideas objectively. It’s also a good way to objectively look at things that went well, especially any relationships you are building. No matter what you do, even if you do nothing, journaling about it every day will become very helpful. Just writing down that you did nothing, even if you had an opportunity, will spur you to take action, any kind of action, next time.

Slower Is Better

If you have a love interest in mind, it can be difficult to keep from charging ahead. Remember the wise words of Dale Carnegie. You can get anybody to do anything so long as you convince them it was their idea. Love is no different. Allow them the luxury of falling in love with you, and not knowing if you feel the same way. Of wishing for your text and your call. Take your time, and allow that love to grow in their mind. Satisfy their desire to grow close to you as slowly as you possible can. The longer you take to build the desire in them, the longer it will last. Even if they are currently with somebody else. You have skills few people know exist. Let these be your secret weapon that allows you the luxury of time, and planning and eventually victory in the greatest battle of all, the contest for the heart of another. The slower you go, the more certain your victory.

This Article is Taken From Love Hypnosis.

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Written by Arshad. A

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