How to Heal Mentally?

How to Heal Mentally?

Every human being is the author of his or her own Health or Disease. -Buddha

Mental Healing

Mental healing means mind healing. The ability to heal physical illness and disease through the power of right thinking is based on the theory that we are surrounded by an infinite mind that reacts to our thoughts. It is only when we understand that everything is mind that reacts to our thoughts. It is only when we understand that we can fully appreciate why right thinking alone has the power to permanently heal.

Thoughts become our physical reality, therefore thoughts of sickness will make a person sick. Conversely, thoughts of health and perfection will heal them. This is because when thought is combined with belief and conviction it become a powerful tool with which to treat ourselves and others.

Mental Healing


  1. Contemplation: Bring yourself to the meditative state using whatever method works best for you. Be convinced of your own perfection. You can use the affirmation “I am – divine perfection” meditation on an inhale-exhale basis.
  • Visualization: Form a picture in your mind of the current state of your patient’s body, including their erroneous notice of the physical condition or pain that is bothering them. Use simplified picture to help your mind grasp more readily what it is you are dealing with. For example, if you are treating a kidney complaint you could visualize the kidneys as a pair of butter beans. Remember, this is not the “real” state, merely a state that has been formed due to wrong thinking that you are working to neutralize.
  • Neutralization: Visualize the physical problem disappearing. Create in your mind a system to remove the condition. For example, if you are treating kidney stones you may want to visualize them being crushed into powder that is then safely removed. Whatever image you create in your mind will be correct as long as it is speaking to your subconscious mind. This must be a process you feel familiar with and in whose positive results you wholeheartedly believe in.
  • Realizing perfection for your patient: Let the final picture of your visualization be one of perfect health. Feel the joy of perfect health for the person you are treating. Use affirmations to reinforce what you do. Believe the healing process to be powerful and already occurring. Never doubt the effectiveness of your mental work. Expect the reality to be created exactly how you have visualized it.
  • Coming out of meditation: Detach from what you have been doing and come out of your meditative state. Know that healing action is taking place. Realize that you have performed a magical act.

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