10 Thing you Should know about Nice Guy.

10 Thing you Should know

The Nice Guy

Thing you Should Know about nice Guy

Nice Guy

Before we can go about solving a problem let’s make sure that there actually is one. So, before I show you how to go about getting rid of your Mr. Nice-Guy persona, Let’s see exactly how much of there nice guy behaviors and beliefs you do actually struggle with.

MUST know about the Nice Guy:

1.   1. The nice guy believes that if he is good, giving, and caring, he will get happiness, love, and fulfillment from others in return. He plays a sort of game with himself thinking that he deserves to be treated a certain way because of his niceness.

2.   2. The nice guy offers to do things for a woman he hardly knows when he wouldn’t normally do it for just anybody else, he knows. He has a strong desire to gain the approval of women. This can be any woman, especially ones that he finds appealing and worthy of his excess amounts of niceness.

3.   3. A nice guy avoids conflict by withholding his opinions or may even become agreeable with a woman when he doesn’t actually agree. This nice guy tends to think that in order to keep the peace and maintain the love and admiration of a woman, he must agree with her at all costs. He does this even if it costs him his self-respect.

4.    4.The A nice guy tries to fix and take care of all her problems. He is drawn to trying to help a woman out in any way that he possibly can. This is one of the main reasons why a nice guy tends to attract a lot of damaged women. His desire to be her Mr. Fix-it makes him susceptible to fall into a relationship with problematic women.

5.    5. A nice guy has an overpowering need to seek approval from other people. It’s the kind of approval-seeking whereas he may feel guilty for saying “no” to someone or he may become uneasy with himself when he’s rude, even if it’s out of necessity.

6.    6. A nice guy tries to hide his perceived flaws and mistakes from others. Because he wants everyone’s approval and he wants to be seen in the best light possible, he’s willing to go to extreme lengths to make himself look as flawless as humanly possible. He’s manipulative to the third degree.

7.   7. A nice guy is always looking for the right way to do things as opposed to just making an attempt at something. The mice guy is afraid of failing and of course, making a mistake in front of others. He doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. Because he doesn’t want to rock the boat, he’d rather not do anything if he doesn’t have all the answers. Sadly, his fear of failure and criticism culminates in pointless perfectionism and perpetual procrastination. He does nothing and accomplishes less than nothing.

8.    8. A nice guy tends to over-analyze everything rather than feel things out for himself. Sometimes the nice guy can be a bit of a perfectionist, and instead of just going with the flow and just letting things happen he’d rather have everything planned out and accounted for in his own perfect universe.

9.    9. The nice guy has difficulty in making his needs a priority. Instead, he’d rather pretend that what he wants isn’t that important and that he’s being a team player. Or he’ll think that by putting his needs on the back burner he’s being one hell of a guy and that everyone should always remember that he’s such a great guy and that everyone should like him.

1  10. A nice guy is quite often emotionally dependent on his woman. He’s so dependent on his woman for his own emotional well-being that he’ll go through great length to ensure that his woman’s needs are met before his and that he always gets her approval. Because in the end, he believes that as long as she’s happy, he’s happy.

This Article is taken from What Women want in a Man.

Written by Arshad. A

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