How to Start a Business from scratch

How to Start a Business from scratch

Start Your Business.

This is a blog related to a business or anything you want to start but you have No idea……

    1. Is your Reflection

We will start our day with some Meditation for 20 minutes. And after doing meditation use a journal to write down your thoughts and ideas. This you will have to do until you define your idea.

    2. Get Down to Business

Now you have an Idea work on your idea to spend the rest of the day having conversations with people you know, like, and Trust to get their thoughts on your idea

            Now you have some Feedback. And use all the feedback and work on improving your Idea. use your free time to continue your idea.

    3. Your Vision of Your Dream Life

Create your Vision of my dream life. Right exactly what you want to achieve, and bring value to the world. And continue to your idea.

    4. Mindset of Gratitude

Creating a Mindset of gratitude, abundance, and Focus. Write down the things “I am grateful for in this world beyond my family and friends. Read aloud every day. (I already know that I’m grateful for them.) What UNIQUE things you grateful for that you don’t think about often?. Then you would write out why it’s important to have a mindset of abundance as opposed to scarcity, and finish with the importance of FOCUS: following one thing until you succeed, that follow to your Idea. and continue to your idea.

                                                5. Studying The Competition

Now you had an Idea and head on straight, you would spend today studying my competition. Google your Idea, and use Facebook search, and check out Amazon and all the other places your competition is present.

You would list out the things what they are doing that You like it as well as all the things I don’t like. Where possible, You read all the reviews from their customers and comments left by potential customers.

You would get to know the strengths and weaknesses of my competitions very intimately, you would know more about your competition then they knew about themselves.

    6. Niche Down

Now that you know your competition, it’s time to NICHE down.

You know their strengths and you know their weakness.

Now identify an area of the market they are serving poorly, and I will craft your Idea to FILL THAT VOID. You will make sure that you are serving that niche better than anyone else out there. YOU will DOMINATE that niche.

You know that it’s SUPER hard to gain momentum and traction, and therefore you must do it in a small niche. THEN, once you have momentum and traction, you will be able to broaden your scope of offerings, but not until momentum is gained.

    7. Creating My Avatar

Now it’s time to sit down and create your avatar

            Your avatar is the PERFECT customer/client for your Idea. avatar intimately, everyone will become easier. Every fork in the road you come to, you will simply turn to your avatar and allow them to guide you in the right direction. This is a CRITICAL step that you will not overlook.

                                                       8. Finding My Avatar

Now that you know your avatar intimately, you will seek them out.

You will find them on Facebook and LinkedIn or Instagram, in real life, on a virtual meetup. You study them online and see how they interact, where they interact, what they complain about, and what they talk highly of. You keep meticulous notes of all this to refer to in the future.

    9. Engage My Avatar

You engage with as many of your avatars one-on-one as possible. You will listen to their pain points, obstacles, challenges, and struggles, and take detailed notes. By the end of the day, you will have pages full of your avatar’s biggest struggles, and your mind will be spinning.

    10. Find A Common Struggle

Now that you have pages of note from Conversations, it’s time to study this note and find common struggles.

List out the common struggles and prioritize them in order of significance and opportunity. This prioritization will come straight from your intuition.

     11. Creating The Solution

Spend your time creating the solution to the 1 struggle prioritized from your list. This solution may be a course, a product, a community, or something else.

    12. Create A Masterclass

This masterclass will walk your avatar through the struggle they face, why they face it, and how my solution will solve it.

Use a keynote to create the presentation.

    13. Deliver My Masterclass

Connect your avatar through video conferencing or other software.

Invite all of the individuals who you had a chat with, as well as anyone else you can get to attend who you know will benefit from what you have to share.

If anyone does show up, you will make sure to ask for feedback afterward. No matter what happens during this Video conferencing, it is a success if you hold it.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”- Lao Tzu

                                                14. Build My Value Ladder

Delivered you masterclass and will continue to improve upon it daily, it’s time to build your value ladder.

The value ladder will start with a free Facebook Group, so I’m going to creating soon.

            Then, you will map out what happens once someone joins. In time, your free group will funnel into a paid Facebook Group, one-on-one coaching, in-person workshops, virtual summits, and so on.

    15. Build My Headquarters

It’s time to build your headquarters. use a simple site builder like Squarespace and be off to the races with your HQ. There are plenty of tutorials on Squarespace you can follow to get your website up. Once your site is up, Have a place you can call your own for your avatar to find you.

Next step upload soon Signup your E-mails for Update’s

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