Learners are Earners

You must learn to save first and spend afterwards.

-John Poole

We are all born learners. We learn to open our eyes, control our neck, talk, walk until we learn other complicated systems of the educational system and the skills of livelihood. We keep learning for as long as we live. Similarly, we are born earners.

Our income may come daily, weekly, monthly, regularly or irregularly, but we do get money. It may arrive in the form of salary, wages, gifts, tips, commission or allowance but it’s earning nevertheless. The money may come from parents, order adults, school, friends, employers, customers or the government. In the game of paying yourself first, in order to kick-start a saving scheme, money or income is needed.

Let us now look at the income that derives from the services you render. There is a law, promulgated by Earl Nightingale that:

“the income you get depends on the demand for what you

do, how well you do it, and the difficulty of replacing you.”

This means that you can increase your income by a proper use of imagination. You can choose a trade or a career you consider to be in high demand or lucrative and you perform such it an excellent manner in a way no other person can match. This being said, the general rule remains the same: the more you learn, the more you earn.

In the game of earning, one of the most insightful of all secrets is this: it is not how much you earn that matters, it is how much you keep.

Whatever your income turns out to be in any given month, the entire income is, in simple mathematics, 100% of your entire earning for that month. It is suggested that you apportion such into 10%, 10% and 80%. You then disburse each portion into different channels.

1.The First 10%

This is the portion you will save. The teaching is for you to put this saving away before you touch the remaining two portions. It is also recommended that you allow this first 10% to move into a separate saving account automatically; it no longer remains in the same account as the other two portions. Further transfer should then be made automatic. You give the bank a standing order. It is moved by direct debit before you get the chance to see it. This is the process described as paying yourself first.

2.The Second 10%

        Franklin Delanore Roosevelt once said that;

“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the

abundance of those who have much, it is whether we

provide enough for those who have too little.”

We make progress, tangible advancement, as we learn to share. It is on this premise that a tenth, the second 10% of our earning, is devoted to caring for the poor.

Giving away this tithe is beneficial. The more you give, as it is said, the more you get. The important thing to note is this; the giving should also be made automatic. You do this either by a series of post dated cheques or by direct debit mandate. This is as much as we can accommodate about this portion. Our chief concern, in this book, is the first 10%.


1.     A major component of growth and development is knowledge.

2.     We started off in life by learning to breath. We matriculated from laboured breathing to reflect automatic breathing. Here is the rule: we must keep learning until we stop breathing.

3.     As we learn, we earn.

4.     The first income is called “love money.” Such love money should be saved by the parents.

5.     As we go through life into adulthood, we learn to progressively refuse further love money. We then learn to earn every income. We take total responsibility for the flow of money into our lives. Love money is harmful to adults.

6.     Only honest earning, the types you have worked for, endures.

7.     To earn more money, take these three steps simultaneously.

                                                       i.            Create and improve the demand for what you do.

                                                    ii.            Conduct your services in an excellent manner.

                                                  iii.            Let your product or service be second to none.

8.     The first portion, 10% of your income, is put away consistently and relentlessly.

9.     The portion that makes you wealthy, from all the money you receive, is the part you put away, and never spend.

10.The second 10% is shared. This portion is donated to charity. The more you show fidelity to this structured benevolence, the more money, happiness and healthy you will attract into your life.

This Article is take from PAY YOURSELF FIRST.

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Written by Arshad. A


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