10 Tips for Treating Your Brain Right way

10 Tips for Treating your Brain Right

    1.    Keep well, hydrated. Your brain needs plenty of water for its “Electronic circuitry” to function effectively.

    2.    Take regular stretch breaks. Your brain needs lots of oxygenated blood to working well. Just standing up releases an extra 20 percent.

    3.    Always give the big picture first. Your brain is constantly trying to make connections, so giving the big picture in advance allows it time to make sense of things and gather together all it knows about a particular subject, even for someone who loves to focus on the details.

    4.    Avoid taking at people for long periods. Your mind can only absorb a certain amount of new data and unless the speaker is very talented it will switch off after 20 minutes or so.

    5.    Vary the ways you give out information. Our minds are all different, some preferring visual, some auditory, and some the kinesthetic experience of getting up and “doing” something.

    6.    Think about Concentration spans. While it is helpful to stay on task when you are flowing well, regular short breaks every 20 or 30minutes often help the mind to remain engaged.

    7.    Break big things down into accessible bits. Your brain finds it easier to deal with big issues when they are broken down into smaller elements.

    8.    Use humor. There is evidence that when you laugh your brain releases chemicals called endorphins that act as relaxants.

    9.    Don’t create fear in others if you want them to perform well. Under stress, our brains think only of survival and higher-order thinking stops happening effectively.

 10.Make sure you get enough sleep. While each person’s sleep requirement is different, a good night’s sleep for many people involves more than seven hours. When your brain is tired it does not perform well.

This Article is Taken from Power up your mind.

Written by Arshad. A

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