Learn Motivation to Value Other’s

Learn to value others’

Readiness+Value+Probability+Impact = MOTIVATION.

Readiness is the amount of readiness to learn.

Value anticipated of the learning. This could be financial, social, or cultural.

Probability of the learning being successful. This will depend on previous experience, on your perceived effectiveness as a learner, on the degree to which the learning you are being offered matches your learning style, and on your likely ability to overcome any barriers along the way.

Impact of the leaning on your life. This could be in terms of the opportunities it will create, the likelihood of dealing with some external change, or the degree to which, if you can acquire the learning, you will be markedly more fulfilled as an individual.

Motivation you have toward a particular learning opportunity.

“What’s in it for Me?” (hope you understand this).

this article is Taken from Power up your Mind

written by Arshad. A

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