Achieve cheerful life and your Goal Do What you Want to Do

Achieve cheerful life and your Goal Do What you Want to Do

What Do you Want?

Do you want a new car? Do you want a new house? Do you want a new job? Do you want a loving, caring relationship? Do you want to live your life in lack? Or do you want to live your life Rich Beyond your Wildest Dreams? Whatever you want you can have.

          It is just as easy to live rich as it is to live poor. The difference is you.  All you have to do is decide what you want and you can have it. I am about to tell you how. Are you in a quiet place? Are you in a private, secure place? Can you give this project an hour of your time without interruption? If your answers are yes, let’s get started. You are about to take the first step to a prosperous new life. Start by taking out your 79-cent wide-ruled, spiral notebook.

          Open your notebook to the inside cover, and in big letters, write the following:

All this by Divine Right, Divine Inspiration,

Divine Intervention, Divine Timing and with

Good for all concerned.

          The reason you write that statement is to cover your backside, you may desire something. You ask for the things you prefer to have, and the Universe decides. The bottom line is, if you are supposed to have something, you’ll get it. If not, you wouldn’t want it anyway.

          Important! Skip the first page of your notebook. You will write something here later. Turn to the second pagan instead. Write on only one side of a page. Skip every other line. The reason you write on only one side of a page is to make use of the Law of Abundance, which says you have an Unlimited supply, inexhaustible resources. There is more than enough paper. By not skipping lines and using both side of the page you are reflecting someone who has money problems or meager resources. Is this what you what? Of course not. You are rich. You have at your fingertips all the resources you could ever use. Expand your thinking; write on one side of the page only.

          Page two is actually the second sheet of paper. On the top of this second sheet of paper write My List.

          Now, make a list. Write down a list of everything you want as thought you already have it. Use the present tense or the past tense. I have a new car. I had a wonderful evening at the opera. I have a loving, caring, romantic relationship. It does not matter if you have done something like this before. Make the list. Do it exactly as shown. This is an important part of this system for creating wealth.

          Be careful not to write that you want something or that you will have something. If you write, “I want a new car,” your subconscious hears that you want to WANT a new car. If you say, “I will have a new car,” you are saying that you might desire this something in the future, but not now. The Creative Force of the Universe does not hear that you want to HAVE a new car. So tell your subconscious what it wants to hear. I have a new car.

          In the beginning this was difficult for me. I felt like I was lying or cheating somehow, I did not have a new car, but I wanted one. Why say, I have one? The answer is you are creating something. something tangible for you to use, have or experience in the present. If you create it in the future, you will never get the chance to enjoy your desire because, as we all know, tomorrow never comes. By writing down what you want in the present or past tense, you are telling the Universe what you want to have in your possession at this exact point in time. The Universe then gives you what you want now, in the present moment, so you can enjoy it now. The Universe requires very simple, direct and literal descriptions. you are writing an order. Be clear and concise. K.I.S.S. (keep It Simple, Sally.) I have a big screen TV. I had a good time at the theater. I have a new chair. This will get you what you want you want when you want it.

          Think of the words want and will as code words that tell the Universe to wait. To cancel your order. These words tell the production line to shut down and take a break. With a little experience, you will feel comfortable using only the present tense and the past tense to describe your desire.

          Now, we are going to start your list. I am not there with you, and I do not know exactly what you want. Hopefully you do. I will assume you want certain things. I will assume you want a new car.

Make it as long as you like. In fact, write until you feel that you feel that you have exhausted every desire you have ever had. Write down businesses you want to own. Write down the things you want to do. You should even write down the little things like I have renewed my driver’s license or l have returned my library books. Write down how you want your life to be—the parameters. Al ways and only the parameters. Do not get too specific yet. Just write down what you want in simple, literal terms. Keep the adjectives to a minimum. We’ll get into the details later. For now, paint with broad brush strokes. Draw the outline. Define the object of your desire in the most general terms.

          It is a good idea to write I have a beautiful new or like new car. This gives the universe the opportunity to get you a really great deal.

Writing your list changes dreams into requests or preferences. Visualization changes your requests into solid orders, compelling desires. But it is enthusiasm that puts these desires into your heart. And it is only in your heart that the universe looks for your orders, your desires. Do all three things and you will have what you want. In fact, this is the secret to getting anything you want. Anything. And it is not just a good idea—it is the law.

List + Visualize + Enthusiasm = Getting what you want

Start with your car. Write down exactly what you want. Close your eyes and create in your mind a clear image of what your car looks like. See your car in the color you want and from every angle. Visualize yourself behind the steering wheel. Imagine the feel and smell of the leather. See yourself driving along your favorite highway. Experience in your mind the power of acceleration and the wind in your hair. Now, feel the overwhelming joy you receive taking delivery of your new car. Savor the feeling of excitement you get driving your new car home for the first time. Do what it takes to makes this car real for you. Go to a dealership and test drive the car you have asked for. Get excited about this vehicle. This is your car. Love it. What it. Own it.

          Put image and enthusiasm into the rest of your list. In your mind, walk through the home you want. Smell the fresh paint and new carpet. See each and every room. Look at every angle. Imagine this home filled with your prized personal possessions. Take this a step further and get pictures of the things you want inside your home. Go look at refrigerators, wallpaper or pool supplies. Do what it takes to make what you have asked for real in your mind. If it is a relationship you have asked for, cut out a picture from a magazine of a couple in a loving pose. Look at wedding rings. Try some on. Go to weddings. Whatever it is that you want—touch it, see it, feel it. Get excited about having it. Put the things you want in your heart. They are yours, all yours.

          Now, let go. Detach yourself from what you want. You still want it, but you have given the Universe power over its creation and acquisition. You do not earn it. You do not have to deserve it. You do not have to accomplish, achieve or fulfill anything. Your job is to ask and wait. So let it go. Detach. Turn your back. Let the Creator do his part. Besides, you have more remaining for you to get Rich Beyond your wildest Dreams.         

Do the work described here, follow this system for gaining wealth and you will prosper. Period. The laws work regardless of what you believe.

This Article is Taken from I’m Rich Beyond

Written by Arshad. A

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