They will help you gain some clues about your life purpose and destiny.

1.    Make plan now to prepare for hitting a plateau in your progress. Go get your calendar and schedule something for 2-3 month from now. Write down something like “destiny follow up”. You don’t have to know what it is just yet. It could be that you review these exercises, take a class, read a book, or something practical.

2.    Complete the pathway to life exercise. Chose two categories that you want to work on over the next six months.

3.    Write your Life Purpose Statement. Take the time to do this, as it will help keep you on track later. It will morph and change over time, but getting started on it will really help you.

4.    Create a Life MAP for the two categories that you chose from your Pathway to Life. Be sure to check back in 30 and 60 days to see what is working and if you need to make any changes.


Date: _____________

Category of life: ____________________________________

My Life Purpose Statement: __________________________

What I want to accomplish: ___________________________

Why I must do it: __________________________________

Plan to get there: List initial steps:

90 days: ___________________________________________

30 days: ___________________________________________

Actions I can take now: __________________________________________________

Set up a follow-up date to check in and measure your results:

 Check in 30 days _____________(fill in date)

        How is it going?

        Anything need changed?

Check in 60 days ____________

        How is it going?

        Anything need changed?

Check in 90 days ____________

        How is it going?

        Anything need changed?

The Secret to Happiness really boils down to living

Life with a greater sense of calling and Purpose.

This is taken from Personal Development

Written by Arshad. A

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