Love and Respect are not same thing?

Love and Respect the same thing?

There are many wives who tell, “Respect and love are the same thing.” No, they aren’t, and you know they aren’t. for instance, you respect your boss. You don’t love your boss.” I have been in counseling sessions with couples, and with her mate sitting there listening, the wife will readily say, “I love my husband but don’t feel any respect for him.” But when I turn this around and ask the wives how they would feel if they would hear their husbands say, “I respect you but don’t love you,” they are horrified. They exclaim, “I would be devastated.”

          Ask one wife, “How long would it take you to get over that?” She quickly answered, “Forever.”

          The typical wife would be up in arms if she heard, “I respect you but don’t love you.” That is taboo! She would view her husband as a very unloving human being. Yet this same wife feels she can readily say to him, “I love you but don’t respect you.” What she doesn’t understand is that her husband is equally devastated by her comment and it also takes him “forever” to “get over it.” The bottom line is that husbands and wives have needs that are truly equal. She needs unconditional love, and he needs unconditional respect.

This Article is Taken from Love and Respect

Written by Arshad. A

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