Master your Fears

Master your Fears 

Master Your Fears

There are two main Fears that can roadblock a man and women from attaining success in not just his relationships, but in any area of his life. These two things are fear of failure and the fear of criticism.

A leader learns to overcome these fears by mastering his emotions. He knows that failure is just a step on the path to attainment, and that criticism is merely a sign that he is alive and doing something productive and worthwhile with his life.

If you cannot fail forward, you cannot succeed in any area. And if you don’t learn how to handle criticism, then you won’t be able to do anything that matters to anyone.

In order to master your fears you must master your emotions. You can do this by changing your idea about failure itself.

Think about it.

Failure is rarely permanent.

Instead, see it as a stepping stone and a lesson learned.

See it as something you MUST go through in order to achieve success.

When it comes to criticism, if it’s constructive, simply see it as a way to improve on what you’re doing. If it’s not constructive, pay it no mind. Negative criticism can only hurt you if you’re too attached to what you’re doing.

Instead, learn to love the process of becoming as opposed to being solely focused on the outcome. If you can do this you’ll rarely have to worry yourself about criticism from others.

A leader doesn’t need the approval of others, including women. However, if he’s in a healthy relationship with the women, he will seek her counsel when the time calls for it. But otherwise he is self-approved first and foremost, and this shows in the clarity of his thinking and the powerful outcomes of his decisions.

Mastering you fears will become easier as you become a better man. As you grow into full knowledge of who you are and what you’re capable of, you’ll have a greater peace of mind when dealing with the many unknowns in your life.

This Article is taken From what women want form Men

Written by Arshad. A

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