What is SEX?


What is SEX

“There is nothing more bonding than cosmic sex. Sex in its highest expression is an ultimate spiritual experience between two people in the dense physical world. It is a means through which we are can connect with the highest levels of ourselves and access fantastic creative power. Yet, nothing has been more manipulated and twisted than sex by tabloid papers, religion and pornography. Religion, particularly Christianity, Judaism and Islam, has turned sex into a focus for an explosion of guilt of galactic proportions. While the church parrots the cliches about the world needing more love, the moment you express that love physically for another person outside an institutionalized relationship, it suddenly becomes a terrible sin. Sex – cosmic sex – can take us to soaring into the spiritual realms of being.

When partners merge into a male-female wholeness, it raises their collective consciousness – oneness. Sex at that level of awareness takes us into timelessness when we are without through, fear, guilt or resentment. We are out of our bodies and into our deeper self, out of our heads and into our feelings, our spirit.”

Since sex is such a powerful phenomenon, we will be blessed if we can incorporate it into our mental works.

Sex magic

This is one of the most powerful forms of magic, for here we are dealing very much with the life forces. Dr. john Mumford, in “Sexual Occultism”, states that the most important psycho-physiological event in the life of a human is the orgasm. Sex magic is the art of using the orgasm – indeed, the whole sexual experience – for magical purpose.

Just before you start your love-making session, get yourself into a meditative state and focus on what the objective of your work will be. You can involve your partner in this process for increased impact or you can perform this exercise exclusively in your own mind. As you get more passionate, visualize your goal more and more clearly to finally feel it accomplished the moment you explode in climax.

As you have seen, there are different types of love, different types of relationships, different ways to make them work. There is no “perfect relationship”, just as there is no “perfect partner” in absolute terms. There is only the right relationship of the right moment, and the right partner for the right moment. Let’s make our relationship truly magical by appreciating them for what they are on our path of self-growth.

Let us work like we don’t need the money; dance like on one’s watching and love like we’ve never been hurt.

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Written by Arshad. A

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