The Basic Laws of Money

The Basic Laws of Money

The first law of money is Multiplication. The two faithful servants did not spend the money given them, but rather multiplied it. Even the third servant did not spend his money, as we often do, but he stored it up and hid it away. Yet this man was condemned. I have advised the pastors of our daughter churches to take 30 percent from the monthly tithes and offerings and put it aside for savings and investments.

The second law of money, which the third servant failed, is retention. The servant failed inn this because he did not even retain the money entrusted to him. After hiding the money for some time, the initial amount given to him had depreciated through inflation. Even though he gave it back to his master upon his return, it was not intact as he had so smugly thought; hence, the master’s disappointment. Therefore, the second law of money is to retain it. We are often tempted to spend the money coming our way on pressing and legitimate needs, but wise people keep it in their possession before investing.

The third law of money, exemplified in the two faithful servants who were diligent. Diligence means making a meticulous, conscientious, thoughtful, and careful effort in rendering service. It is not just doing something right, but also doing something thoroughly and effectively. Diligence delivers excellence, quality, creativity, and the highest standards possible. Money comes to those who are diligent and who know what to do it. The servants were faithful because they multiplied their seeds while retaining the original seed and then simultaneously multiplying the seeds again. This third stage is the stage of investment.

Money comes to people who know what to do with it; their knowledge is like a magnet that attracts more riches. We need to stop poverty, and if we are to stop poverty, it must begin in our minds.

This Article is taken from Money Won’t Make you Rich

Written by Arshad. A

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