Tomorrow never comes

Tomorrow never comes

Tomorrow I’ll eat better; tomorrow I’ll go to the gym; tomorrow I’ll sign up for that computer class; tomorrow I’ll apologize to my spouse for the way I treated him to her; tomorrow I’ll work more and surf the internet less. Sound familiar?

          Tomorrow never comes.

          Today is your reality check. You almost never do all those things you plan to do “tomorrow.” Procrastination is a trickster. It helps you feel comfortable with complacency. It lets you be lazy. Procrastination is a liar, too. It talks you into thinking that you are taking action by planning to take action on a future date. Not true. That date will never come. Planning is not doing. You are no closer to your goals if you say you will do something tomorrow. Your intentions don’t carry any weight at all in the real world. If you have a heart attack today, it doesn’t matter that you intended to get to the gym and eat better “tomorrow” for years.

          You have a fight your impulse to procrastinate with everything you’ve got if you want to move forward in life. If you want to stay right where you are, then feel free to put off the actions that might bring you success. It’s your choice. Remember, you have the power and no one else.

          Watch yourself today. What are you putting off until tomorrow? What are you actually getting done? Evaluate whether you are moving forward or standing stills. Don’t forget that tomorrow never comes.

This Article is taken from Achieve Anything in Just One Year

Written by Arshad. A

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