Take Action

  • Make Mistakes.

That is why I recommend starting with baby steps. Remember that losing is part of winning. Trained to think that making mistakes is not acceptable. Know that making mistakes is how they learn.

  • Start Small.

If you find an investment you want to invest in, put a little money down. It is amazing how quickly your intelligence grows when you have money on the line. Don’t bet the ranch, your mortgage payment, or your retirement. Simply put a little money down, pay attention, and learn.

  • The key is to TAKEACTION

Reading, watching, and listening are all crucial to your education. But you must also start DOING. Make offers on small real estate deals that will generate positive cash flow, join a network-marketing company and learn about it from the inside, invest in stock after researching the company. Seek advice from your mentor or financial or tax advisor if you need it. As Nike says, “Just Do It!”

This Article is taken from Rich dad Cash Flow Quadrant

Written by Arshad. A

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