The Dark Side of Hygge

The Dark Side of Hygge

Hanging out with your close friends in a tightly knit social network, where you all go way back together and know each other well, definitely has its benefits

But in recent years I have also come to realize that there is a severe drawback to a social landscape like this: it doesn’t readily admit newcomers. Every person I’ve met who has moved to Denmark tells me the same thing. It is close to impossible to penetrate the social circles there. Or at least it requires years and years of hard work and persistence.

Admittedly, Danes are not good at inviting new people into their friendship circles. In part, this is due to the concept of hygge; it would be considered less hyggeligt if there were too many new people at an event. So getting into a social circle requires a lot of effort and a lot of loneliness on the way. The good thing is, in the words of my friend Jon, “Once you are in, you are in.” Once you have broken through, you can trust you will have formed lifelong friendships.

This Article is taken from The Little Book of Hygge

Written by Arshad. A

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