How to Develop a Strong Work Ethic?

How to Develop a Strong Work Ethic?

The top advisors all have a strong work ethic. They started their careers working extremely hard, and while they may not work as many hours now as they used to, on average they still work 50 hours a week. It was the hard work in the beginning of their career that distinguished them from their peers and contributed to their early success. While most of the top advisors did not have the clear vision in the beginning of how to build a million-dollar practice, they all knew that hard work was the first necessary step.

          It was a combination of a strong desire to succeed and a fear of failure that provided the commitment to work long hours from the beginning. These advisors recognized that they couldn’t control the markets or whether people would do business with them. But they could control their own efforts and hours worked. Their early success came from sheer effort, mostly making a large number of cold calls.

They all worked nights and weekends and spent whatever time was necessary to build a successful practice. Many of them used their spouses to help develop marketing lists and other administrative work.

          Hard work is something every advisor is capable of. If you are motivated to take your business to the next level, then you must also be willing to work hard. Having high goals is not enough; it’s the daily execution of the right activities that will determine their successful outcomes.

However, long hours are not enough, either; you need to focus your work hours on the right activities in order to achieve success. These activities includes spending time with clients and prospects, meaning that you are continuously developing relationships with affluent investors. If you are not willing to spend at least 50 percent of your day interacting with affluent clients and prospective clients, then you aren’t spending your time on the right activities.

This Article is taken from The Million-Dollar Financial Advice

Written by Arshad. A

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