1. When we use or put our seeds to works, it multiplies. By disuse, it depreciates and loses value. For example, when we refuse to use out muscles, we lose our strength. The same applies to finance. Use it—that is, plant it—or lose it. If we take piano lessons and then refuse to practice, we lose the obtained skills. The same is true with capital
  2. Storing money away without putting it to work will lose its original values over time.
  3. Money will always leave the hand of those who don’t put it to use, and come to the hands those who will multiply it. For example, the man with one talent—which he didn’t use—lost it to the man with ten talents.
  4. The key to increase is always investment. A good steward keeps what he or she receives, then uses and increases it through investments.
  5. Those who invest their “talent” are entrusted with more.
  6. The reward for being trustworthy is more trust.
  7. The steward who buries his sum loses what he has, and he will see it given to another.
  8. Life is based on laws, and understanding the laws of money will bring greatness.

This Article is taken from Money Won’t Make You Rich

Written by Arshad. A

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