The Five Stages of Freelance to Freedom

The Five Stages of Freelance to Freedom

Escaping the Seeds of Discontent

Unfortunately, is where majority of the workforce finds is itself? Eighty percent of employees do not like their jobs. They are looking for a way out, but feel stuck. They often have little money saved, are stretched for time, have fallen into an unhealthy lifestyle, and have stress in their home lives.

          At the same time, most do have a dream to do something different. Commonly, it is not to find a different full-time job. Instead, they feel drawn to starting a side business doing something they have a passion for. They have a desire to help others in some way. They want better control of their time. They want opportunity to make more money. And they want more time with their kids and their spouse. But they feel stuck, lost, and unsure where to start.

The Side Hustle

This is a phase of tremendous growth. It also comes with a lot of pain. If you didn’t have a side business already, this is where you start one. It’s also where you see so many of the mistake that you made in the past. You learn the difference between being an entrepreneur and a freelancer, figure out what you actually love doing, and go through tremendous growing pains.

          It’s where you start to get control of the money you have, shape a plan for the future, and get a glimpse of the life you truly desire. This is the phase where you make your biggest business mistakes and learn your greatest lessons.

The Optimal Freelancer

You are bringing in more than 50% of the income you need to live off from your business. You may have already quit your day job, or are close to doing so. You are now paying down your debt with your business income. You’ve researched all your investment options and have the insurance you need to protect you from danger.

          Your family life is also in a better place. You are more attentive to your family. The stress and drama you felt is beginning to fade. You are more energized than anxious. You realize that with money freedom comes mental freedom. With more mental freedom, you start coming up with new ideas, which is when you have the ability to easily shift between freelancers to entrepreneur. This is the stage when your business, time, and money start to fire at an optimal level.

A Life of Freedom

What would it be like to wake up every day and do exactly what you want to do? What would it feel like to not owe anyone else a dime? What would it feel like to have the abundant time to devote to your spouse, children, and friends?

          On top of that, you have a healthy lifestyle, free to exercise without trying to find the time and to eat well without trying to find the money. When an unexpected setback is like driving over a pebble when it used to be like driving into to ditch. You don’t have to work as much, but you do because you want to grow, help others, and contribute. It makes you feel alive. You can’t see the difference between working and playing.

          The clients you take on are hand-selected, and you have the financial freedom to turn down the clients who aren’t a good fit. With this extra time and money, it’s easy to create time for ideas that can bring in passive income, sending you deeper into. It’s the area where nearly every self-employed person dreams of being, but where very few get.

Every Day Is Independence Day

Time freedom. Financial freedom. Location freedom. Life freedom. What more could you want?

This Article is taken from Freelance to Freedom

Written by Arshad. A

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