The fastest way to relieve a Tension Headache?

The fastest way to relieve a tension headache?

Close your eyes and become aware about 10 to 15 centimeters above the top of the head. There is a centre of energy, a chakra, in this area. It is not the crown chakra, it is the one above it. One to my teachers called it ‘the centre of the hissing snake,’ because a hissing sound can be heard when one gets in touch with this chakra.

So tune into the area 3 to 5 inches above the head and spend 1 minute being aware and listening. Remember, no imagination! It is far better to remain just aware than to make up a sound.

Then maintain your awareness at the same height, about 15 centimeters above the top of the head, and at the same time utter a continuous hissing sound: ‘ssssssss…’ for a minute or two (a physical sound, not just a mental one). Do not only repeat ‘sss’, but make a proper hissing, as if you were a big snake. Put all of yourself into the sound, while remaining aware above the head. Then remain above the head and repeat the sound silently inside yourself for 2 or 3 minutes.

At this stage, in many cases you will be pleasantly surprised to realize that your headache has disappeared.

The more you master this technique, the more you will be able to release undesirable energies upwards, above the head.


A bit of tiger Balm on the forehead often works very well for headaches related to energy, especially if applied at the onset.

If you find it difficult to move the energy upwards through the top of the head, try to go through the back of the top of the skull instead of the middle.

Another way to facilitate the upward movement of the energies is to uplift the eyebrows as high and tight as possible from the beginning to the end of this practice.

This technique is a way of releasing extra pressure in the head due to ‘over-practice’. But actually, once you have mastered the trick you can use it to get rid of nearly any headache, even if it was caused by something completely different. The technique can definitely be used to control migraines of various origins, provided the patient is ready to learn to handle energies.

This Article is taken from Awakening the Third Eye

Written by Arshad. A

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