What is Thesis Structure?

What is Thesis Structure?

Your thesis should be organized as follows.

An Introductory Chapter

Tell the reader the problem you are tackling in this project.

State clearly how you aim to deal with this problem.

Limit the scope of your study.

Sketch out how the thesis is structured to achieve your aim.

Background Chapter

Include in these chapters all the material required to lead up to your own work.

Ensure that there is a flow of narrative that explains why each topic is being discussed.

A ‘Core’ Account of Your Own Work

Begin with a formal statement of your hypotheses or research question.

Follow this with an account of the methods you chose to test your hypotheses or answer your question, and why you chose them.

Report the results of applying these methods.


You are now ready to pull the whole thesis together.

Discuss the implications of your results.

Draw strong conclusions backed up by your discussion.

Check that they respond to the aim stated in your introduction.

Things to consider:

  • Are you are blocked in your writing, or procrastinating? Do you understand why? If not, discuss it with someone.
  • Think about how your thesis will work as a narrative.
  • Decisions about organization should have a rational foundation. Satisfy yourself that you have good reasons for your chosen thesis structure.

This Article is taken from How to a better Thesis

Written by Arshad. A

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