It’s Time to Stretch-out (live your Comfort Zone)

It’s Time to Stretch (live your Comfort Zone)

Your Great Idea Whose Time Has Come

You don’t get energy. People say, “where does she get all that energy?” nobody gets energy. Everybody releases energy. It flows to and through us. There’s no shortage of energy.

          You’ll see a person come home from work and say, “I just haven’t got any energy.” You know what their problem is? They’re bored! They’re bored. Boredom is the absence of a creative idea. They may never given birth to a creative idea! They just sort of go through life in a lockstep-type fashion. Doing what everybody does. It started when they were little kids—going out and being like the other little kids, which is the only thing they can’t be like—and so they spend their whole life trying to be like the other little kids.

You say you have ideas flooding your mind every day. Wonderful! So now what?

          Ideas are useless if you don’t take action to make them happen. But if you do, one good idea could change your entire life. It can change the world!

          How would you like to have had the idea for the computer that you work on, or facebook or Twitter? Stops and think of what the people who created the smart phone earned. Wouldn’t you just love to be on the receiving end of that?

Unfortunately, almost all ideas are stillborn. People think about them but they die inside the person’s mind. Beautiful ideas that could change the life of the person who is entertaining them. But they never see the light of day.


it’s the start that stops most people. But the thing that is sitting on your shoulders will create ideas. And everything around you is nothing but the expression of an idea.

You started out with a very beautiful imagination. But they got you in school and Wham!, they knocked it out of you. They called it not paying attention.

Well, let that go. Don’t live there anymore. Andrew Carnegie, who was the wealthiest man in the world in the early 1900s, said he knew nothing about the manufacturing or the marketing of steel. And yet he became the wealthiest man in the world in the steel business.

Now how did he do that?

He did it with a team. No one in the history of the world who has ever done anything of any consequence has ever done it on their own.

Stop letting your ideas die inside of you. Get help where you need it so they can be born. Dedicate your life to a worthy idea—an idea so big and exhilarating that you’re grateful for the idea that has used you.

This Article is taken from The Art of Living

Written by Arshad.A

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