What to do in Summer?

What to do in Summer?

Let’s start with Bucket List!

Binge Netflix

Escape Room!                                                                    

Movie Night                                                                        


Beach Day                                                                           

Watch Fireworks                                                               


Go Hiking                                                                             

Work – Out, Stay in Shape!                                            


Learn to Drive

Get Rolled Ice-cream

Memories Album

Find a Job?

Bullet Journal

Go Swimming

Have the best Summer Ever!

Have a Water Balloon Fight with friends?

How we do these too many funs with are Friends.

Things we can try. We can go outside During Summer. Try out a New Sport (frisbee golf, bocce ball, kanjam). Make and fly a kite. Play Crazy golf. Relax in a Hammock. Plant some Vegetable Seeds. Jump in the Pool with your Clothes on. (Feel the way I’m feeling wright now). It’s Awesome

Some Indoor Activities: more the Furniture around in your room. To give it a fresh. New look starts a (blogger, Tumblr, or Blogger). Make a vlog on YouTube make non-alcoholic Cocktails!

Things to do When you are Alone!

Listen to some new Music. Learn a New Instrument. Write a Song, Poem, or Short Story. (Explore your else self). Spend a day without watching T.V or going on the from this Summer. Fill it with photos, Messages, Postcards from Places you’ve been, and wrap it in Pretty paper. Keep it for Years to come to remind you of your awesome Summer!

Best of Luck for this Summer

Written by Arshad. A

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