Some Interesting Fact about Bear Grylls

Let start with his name Bear Grylls was nicknamed as Bear by his elder sister. His Real name is Edward Michael Grylls.

Let’s with Interesting Facts

Papa Bear

It wouldn’t be crazy to assume that someone like Bear Grylls would have a hard time setting down and having kids. Even if he wanted to, convincing someone to marry him would be a tall task in and of itself. What kind of partner would be able to sleep at night knowing their husband and the father of their children is paragliding over Everest or eating snakes in the middle of the African brush? Not many.

Thankfully, Bear found just the right gal for his adventurous lifestyle. In 2000, Grylls married shara Cannings Knight. Together, the couple has three children. In case you were wondering, the children are extremely adept at survival and skilled in the outdoors.

No.1 Show in America

In 2010, Grylls’ show, Man vs. Wild, become the No.1 non-sports, prime-time cable show among males. And thanks to Man vs. Wild’s strong ratings, the Discovery channel become the No. 1 non-sports cable network for a brief period of time. Viewers were enthralled with Bear Grylls and the exotic locations and survival techniques he used.

Behind the Scenes

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to anyone, but it needs to be stated nonetheless. Man vs. Wild, and this is the part where Bear Grylls superfans need to take a deep breath, had behind-the-scenes experts advising and helping the star of the show.

On the one hand, this is totally reasonable. Bear Grylls is still putting himself in extreme places under extreme conditions, conditions that would kill the average viewer. So a little extra help when the show is explicitly about Bear Grylls and his solo survival skills.

Afraid of Heights

You wouldn’t guess that Bear Grylls’ greatest fear would be jumping out of planes—you know, being a skydiver from the British Special Forces would probably eliminate one’s fear of jumping from plane and high places. Then again, if said skydiver had a near-lethal fall out of a plane thanks to a parachute issue, a fear of heights might be more reasonable.

In an interview with the BBC, Grylls stated that cocktail parties and jumping out of planes are his two biggest fears, and the best way to tackle them is head-on. Full immersion. No stopping. Now, how he’s not afraid of eating insects and snakes is beyond us.

Stunt double

Ah, back to the minor issues that decay the credibility of Man vs. Wild. The show, as we have mentioned, is not without controversy. One of the main controversies, outside of Bear Grylls not really sleeping outside, is the use of props and other aids to help the show go smoothly.

One instance was a Polynesian-style raft that Bear supposedly constructed using only materials that he had immediate access to, like bamboo and leaves. However, in reality, Grylls used a team of builders to assemble the fully-functional raft. Other examples include using trained horses for lasso stunts and a smoke machine to create more intense fog.

Written and Research by Arshad. A

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