How viral on Instagram Reels. Beat the (Algorithm)

How viral on Instagram Reels. Beat the (Algorithm)

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How Does the Instagram Reels Algorithm Work?

Instagram’s Reels Algorithm has been a bit of a mystery, especially when it comes to what’s shown as a suggested post, or in the Reels Explore tab.

But in a recent post, Instagram shared that the algorithm will depriorititize content that is visibly recycled from other apps (such as TikTok), as well as low-quality video content.

In particular, Instagram said it will make content with visible watermarks or logos from other apps less discoverable in places like the Reels tab.

Essentially, this update means that recycled or blurry content will be harder for audiences to discover—and will therefore receive less views.

This is a direct move by Instagram to prevent creators from cross-promoting TikTok videos on Instagram—a move that isn’t surprising when you consider how closely the two apps are competing for the same audience.

Instagram has also confirmed that it’s prioritizing “entertaining, funny, and interesting content” in recommended Reels suggestions.

How to Viral on Instagram Reels

You All need to do is Follow the Trending Songs and Make a video. Make a Good Quality video. In 4 to 5 videos in a Week you will get 10k view in per video. It might Goes up or down is up to your Content what kind of content you Make.

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