What is Creative Selling?

A man to carry on a successful business must have imagination. He must see things in a vision, a dream of the whole thing. –CHARLES SCHWAB

What is Creative Selling?
  1. Your Beliefs Become Your Reality
  2. Three Ways to Stimulate Creativity
  3. Practice Thinking Creatively
  4. Discover New Product Uses
  5. Know What You’re Talking About
  6. Become Excellent at Prospecting (This one is Personal Recommended)

Creativity is a natural characteristic of all top salespeople. Fortunately, your level of creativity is largely determined by your self-concept, by how you think and feel about yourself when it comes to creative activity. This means that you can increase your creativity with practice until it becomes an automatic and easy response to any goal you set for yourself.

          Creativity is something that you demonstrate and use all the time. When you are trying to avoid a traffic jam on your way to an appointment by taking alternate roads, side streets, and alleys, you are engaging in highly creative acts.

          When you are arranging a party or designing a sales presentation, you are acting creatively. If you are attempting to convince somebody of the goodness and values of your product, you are behaving creatively.

          Even getting dressed in the morning, when you match your clothing—ties, shirts, blouses, dresses, slacks, shoes—together to make an overall impression, you are engaging in an act of creativity.

Your Beliefs Become Your Reality

          The sad fact is that most people do not think they are particularly creative. They associate creativity with writing great pieces of literature or painting great works of art. However, creativity can best be defined simply as “improvement” when you improve anything by doing things differently, you are using your creativity, sometimes at a high level.

           Become of the central role of your self-concept, the more you believe yourself to be creative, the more you will generate creative ideas. In selling, you are essentially creating business where no business existed before. By the process of prospecting, building rapport, identifying needs, presenting solutions, answering objections, closing the sale, and getting resales and referrals, you are engaging in extraordinary complex creative acts that are the wellsprings of our free enterprise society.

Three Ways to Stimulate Creativity

Creativity is stimulated by three key factors: 1. Clear goals, 2. Pressing problems, and 3. Focused questions. You must use all three as often as possible.

           The more intensely you desire to achieve a clear, specific goals, the more creative you will be in finding ways to accomplish it.

          The more determined you are to solve a pressing problem, the more resourceful you will be in coming up with different solutions.

           The more focused and specific the questions that you ask yourself, or that others ask you, the more innovative you will be in developing answers. You should use all three of these continually to keep mind functioning at its highest level.

Practice Thinking Creatively

          In selling there are several areas where you can increase your creativity with regular exercise and practice. The more creative you become in these areas, the more money you will make.

          The first area where creativity is important is in prospecting. Your success in prospecting largely determines your income. And your ability to find more and better prospects is only limited by your imagination.

           The second area where creativity is essential is in uncovering buying motives. You must be creative in questioning to find out exactly what the customer needs and what will cause this customer to buy.

           This is a real test of your intelligence and brainpower. Prospects have automatic buying resistance to any sales approach. They don’t want to tell you why they might buy your product. They know from experience that if you find out what they really want, you will probably be able to convince them that they will get it, and they will be too weak to resist your offering.

Discover New Product Uses

          Your creativity is essential in discovering new product uses and applications. You have to use your brainpower to discover new ways to use your products and to create sales where no sales exist. Bringing together all the ingredients of a business transaction, including you, your company, the customer, the product or service, the price and terms, the delivery and installation, and everything else, is an extraordinarily complex act and requires creativity at a high level.

          Your ability to use your creativity to overcome buyer resistance and answer objections is essential to your success. Finally, your ability to close the sale and get the customer to take action is critical in determining how much you sell and how much you earn.

Know What You’re Talking About

          Creative selling begins with a thorough knowledge of your product or service. The better you know and understand what you are selling, the more creative you will become in selling it. The more knowledgeable you are about why and how your product is superior to that of the competition, the better you will be in explaining it to customers and in overcoming their buying resistance.

          Read, study, and memorize your product information. Find out what your competitors are selling, what they emphasize, and how much they charge.

Become an expert in your market.

Become Excellent at Prospecting

The fastest way to increase your income is simple. It is the key to success in selling. “Spend more time with better prospects.” This six-word formula is the recipe for high income in every market.

Creative prospecting is essential to your success. It begins with thorough planning and analysis, and starts with three questions:

  1. What Are the Five to Ten Most Attractive Features of Your Product?

Do you know your product’s most attractive features? List them in order of importance. Then go on to determine the following:

  • Why should somebody buy your product at all?
  • Why should somebody buy your product from your company
  • Why should somebody buy your product from you?

You must be able to answer these questions clearly in your own mind before you get face-to-face with a customer.

2. What Specific Needs of Your Prospective Customer Does Your Product Satisfy?

What benefits does it offer? In other words, what is in it for the customer to purchase your product rather than someone else’s product, or on one’s product?

                    Write the most attractive features of your product down one side of a piece of paper. Then write the benefits that your customers will enjoy from each of these features next to them on the other side of the paper. Remember, customers do not buy features; they only buy benefits. They do not buy products or services; they buy solutions to their problems. They are not concerned with what goes into your product; they are only concerned about what comes out for them.

3. What Does Your Company Offer That Other Companies Do Not Offer?

What is your “unique selling proposition?” What is your company’s or product’s area of excellence? In what ways is your company, product, or service superior to anything else available in your market?

      The greater clarity you have with regard to these answers, the more creative you will be in finding better prospects and making more sales to those prospects.

This Article is take from The Psychology of Selling

Written by Arshad. A

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