“Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of pathological criminal”-Albert Einstein

          A person driven by their own personal desire to hurt others. If you seeking to find answers to questions like that, you should also open up yourself to the possibility that this person was just downright evil.

          For a person to commit a certain type of offence, there are usually certain characteristics they display that indicate this person may be capable of this. In our everyday lives, these people mask themselves as one of us by pretending to have your best interests at hearts. Given what we now know about manipulation, deception and hypnosis, we are aware that predators are not always strangers. So, how can you spot those things that help you make better choices in relating with people?

I am going to address 4 traits. As we delve in deeper, we would explore these traits and more in detail.

  1. The family and Friends

You know that saying, show me your friends and I would tell you who you are? Apart from yourself, examine the circles this person runs in. do they come from a close-knit family? What is their relationship with their family like? Have you met their friends? If this person has no friends at all, it could be a red flag

2. History

We like the idea of a person being completely reformed and, in all honesty, this happens. However, you shouldn’t ignore the fact that a person with a bed history has a higher tendency of becoming a repeat offender. If the person was abusive in their previous relationship, there is a possibility that they would be the same way with you. Not unless they have undergone or are actively undergoing treatment

3. Problems with control

People who do not have the ability to control themselves in situations that provoke them have a propensity to inflict harm on other. In same way, people who have a problem relinquishing control have it in them to snap and lash out at the nearest victim when they lose it and that person could be you.

4. Anti-social values

In social settings, monitor their interactions with others. People who are generally disliked by all are red flags. They don’t have to be liked by all but if the person is generally obnoxious, rude and poor at getting along with people, you may have a problem on your hands.

5. Substance abuse

Dependency on any form of drug or alcohol is a clear indicator that this person is struggling with certain issues. The abuse of substance negates their ability to reason properly and make sound decisions. A person who abuses drugs or alcohol may not be in a position to treat your relationship as a priority in their lives. And unless they have a way of supporting that lifestyle, you may end up paying for it directly or indirectly. This can lead to years of abuse and neglect.

Some of us are inherently wired to want to fix the people in our lives. We see someone who is obviously broken and think if we love them hard enough, we can bring them back from the brink of whatever precipice they are on and begin our journey to a happily ever after.

This Article is taken from Dark Psychology

Written by Arshad. A

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