How to Build a Brand Personality

How to Build a Brand Personality?

First, we will decide How you Define your Brand Personality?

Define with “WHO” you are__________________________

Second, what is your Personality Type__________________

Third, How your Brand look like_______________________

The No.1 way is your Audience Recognizes you and Remember you.

Specify your brands as Text, Photography, Graphics, color or logo.

Define your brand Spirit of your Look

Define your brand as a Voice like Messaging, Tone, Volume

A Brand’s personality is Revealed the most through what you look like and what you sound like.

What are your Brand Values?

Your brand beliefs are the “WHY” that drives the “WHAT” of what you do.

Your Values/Beliefs make your Organization like Deeper, more Complex, more Human

What is your Brand Meaning?

“more than ever, we express. Ourselves with what we buy” -Seth Godin

“A product provides a function. A brand Provides a meaning”-Jim Signorelli

If you don’t define your brands meanings the public will do it for you.

What is your Brand Identity?

Like Identity, Look, Voice, Values, Meaning

This Article is taken from Internet Research Written & edited by Arshad. A

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