CREATIVENESS contains a secret. The creative man exhibits a deep psychic tie with the inscrutable mystery of life. He performs in his work with the same naturalness as the flower grows from the soil, for he has attained to a unity in mental and spiritual relationships that make him seem part pf the thing he is doing. The consummate artist becomes one with his task, so allied with it in movement and being that it becomes almost impossible to discern where the man ends and the work beings.

The Artist Incarnate

Talent is an absolute blending of the individual with his work. Paintings of the great painter become the painter, just as the painter becomes the great paintings. When we see a person, who exhibits a great talent, we know at once a king of ecstasy at this manifestation of a supreme mind and skill.

The mystery of the talented man is that he is rooted directly in universal mind, that it manifests through him without any restriction or distortion by the ego.

The Creative Vision

When the inner soul of man is touched by perception of the creative side of his nature, he sees at once the disaster inherent in a conduct of life based upon material goals. He sees that this thing he has always thought himself to be, his ego, is illusory, that the desires growing out of ego lead him into a maze of intricate by roads that inevitably will lose his chance at enlightenment.

Common Consciousness

Participation mystique is the secret of artistic creation and consists of a swallowing up of the individual by the Secret Self, so that the man becomes as outlet for the manifestation of the beauty and variety and infinite complexity of universal mind.

Every man has a talent in some area of his nature, as big a talent as has ever existed, and if this talent has not manifested it is because his egoistic nature has dammed it up.

Psychic Position

There is tremendous joy in correct psychic positioning of the ego. There is a feeling of usefulness that comes to the individual, a rooted certainty in his soul that he is performing in the best manner possible.

It takes courage to push off into the unknown realms of the subconscious. It takes daring and boldness to abandon the little ship of egoistic self and swim to that uncharted island of the Secret Self that lies beyond the horizon.

NO Daring is Fatal

Accident, perversion, illness, and ineptitude are the lot of the apprehensive. The prize is always to the bold, and the courageous own the universe. But despite these obvious facts, the majority of people cower in caves and refuse to abandon the flimsiest security and strike out in quest of the great and the good.

To let go of ego and to centre one’s self in the consciousness of universal mind is the greatest adventure possible because it means casting off from safe shores and voyaging beyond visible horizons.

Metaphysical Adventure

Religious revelation is exactly the same thing as creative activity. They are both metaphysical adventures. They involve the acquisition of a total instead of a partial view of the universe.

Art speaks to us in symbols of the universality of our true being. By it we perceive a portion of that ecstasy and unity from which we have sprung.

Creative Labor

A thousand faces has the Secret Self, approached by a thousand doors, and when one is opened and that face beheld, there bursts through the individual a torrent of creativeness, a kind of super-talent.

Unique individuality is the vehicle which the Secret Self uses for the manifestation of talent, and is largely being stultified by our modern industrial society. Our education teaches conformity.

As long as man continues to live in groups, social conscience will continue to have a distinct and necessary function, but such social conscience must make provision for individual growth and responsibility, for it now tends to defeat itself by making automatons of its adherents.

The basic problems in industrial advancement are delineated by the opposing forces of labor and management. Organized labor has grown as a protection to the worker from exploitation, but its psychological position has become static.


Creative talent demands production. The displacement of ego in favour of the guidance of the Secret Self results in a man being driven to accomplish tasks that heretofore he would have considered impossible.

For the most part we are too inhibited and repressed to be able to express the personality that is uniquely our own. The ego-controlled nature acts always in accord with an idea of how people expect it to act.

Spontaneity is the secret of doing things well. A man acts in accord with his whole nature when he does things feelingly instead of thinkingly. Reason is valuable too, but it serves a limited world and a limited knowledge.

Get into the Game

Let yourself go. Shake off inhibition and fear, and be yourself. Learn to think and act naturally, spontaneously; harmony and symmetry will enter your life, and you will discover your inherent talent. Most people never find their proper niches simply because they inhibit the talent they possess. It takes courage to go out on a limb and do the things that are natural. It is much easier to sit on the side lines, watch somebody else perform, and criticize.

Tempering by Fire

Every creative individual must undergo a tempering process during which he is subjected to fire, after which his toughness is increased. Life is not such a gentle thing as to be approached with dainty fingers. Look about and you will see that nature chooses her blessed ones by subjecting them to the most severe tests.

If a thing were as easy to do as to say all of us would be saints. Exorcising fear, anxiety, and hostility from the consciousness is not a simple matter and is nearly impossible as long as the ego rules the nature.

The development of talent depends upon spiritual awakening. The unweakened individual is born with talent, but if unweakened during his lifetime literally is eaten up by the force that possesses him because he is unable to express it and the opposing sides of his nature are constantly at wat with each other.

Creativeness and Competitiveness

When you turn your life over to the Secret Self the channel in you best adapted for expression of the Divine is cleared and developed, and a unique talent is exposed. A direction of growth is opened, within which you are perfectly free. It has little to do with your position in society or your membership in social groups.

The world of competition is the world of egoistic desire, for competition seeks ascendancy over others. People whose ruling passion is to prove themselves better usually look upon the world with hostile eyes and regard every man as an enemy.

In order to participate freely and fully in all things, the wider vision that perceives the majestic onward march of evolution must be adopted by the individual as basic in his attitude toward life.

Surrender Brings Control

The truly creative attitude is a passive one insofar as it listens and does not command. Yet what is wrought through the individual whose ear is attuned to the Divine is charged with the most vital energy imaginable, far surpassing anything possible to egoistic will power.

Creative men affect us as being rich in possibilities. They are ripened trees that drop their fruit, and we scarcely can be near them without attaining to some unexpected good.

Freeing Your Talent

Each man is by some secret liking connected to a particular aspect of life. When he has become freed of the repressions, limitations, and inhibitions imposed upon him by his education and training, he is able to expose this subconscious preference and by it attune himself with the creative talent that natural is his. Such talent has limitless possibilities for manifestation. It need have no connection with the so-called arts, may be as simple a thing as a talent for kindness or love. It may be a talent for speaking, for persuasion, for teaching, for research, for study.

The most completely frustrating thing that can happen to the individual life is for inherent talent to fail to develop. Such failure only can come about through the ego controlling the nature, restricting the individual’s growth in the direction intended.

The torrent of creative energy that exists in every human being becomes dammed up only with the gravest danger. Resentment, bitterness, hate, and hostility are the emotional maladjustments that result from a frustrated creative nature, and these inevitably find their counterparts in physical illness. Heart trouble, circulatory disease, arthritis, rheumatism, cancer, ulcer are all psychosomatic symptoms resulting from dammed-up creative energy.

Your Separate Star

True artists we all are inherently, for each of us reflects an image in the growing body of mankind of the one mind and intelligence that lies behind creation. We paint a picture as we go through life of that mystic and occult realm whence, we originated and to which we one day will return.

Throw off the egoistic bonds that hold you and allow the Secret Self to shine through. You will become the artist incarnate. A talent will begin to develop in you toward which your whole nature can be lent. You will begin to do the work that only you can do, that will fulfil you as a human being and as an aspiring soul.

This Article is taken form Magic Mind

Written by Arshad. A

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