Finding Flow in Everything You Do (Ikigai)

You are entirely focused on skiing as well as you can. You know exactly how to move at each moment. There is no future, no past. There is only the present. You feel the snow, your skis, your body, and your consciousness united as a single entity. Continue reading Finding Flow in Everything You Do (Ikigai)


Selling is nothing more than providing someone with a product or service that will enhance or improve her life. And whether your job description includes the word “sales” or not, you are in fact in the business of selling. Continue reading LEARNING TO SELL (INDEEPTH)

11Reason Why and How People Buy

One of the most significant parts of selling, the indispensable step upon which the whole sales process depends, is your ability to identify the needs of your prospect accurately. You must take whatever time is necessary and ask as many questions as possible to find out exactly why this particular prospect needs to buy your product or service at this time. Continue reading 11Reason Why and How People Buy

How to Rebuild Damaged Trust

If you are avoiding another person because you feel there is no safe way to communicate openly, you are probably experiencing damaged trust. If the very thought of approaching this person fills you with dread, anger, or fear, that’s another sign that you’re dealing with damaged trust. Continue reading How to Rebuild Damaged Trust

The Myth of Game Playing (Men & Women)

Men, who are already expected to take on the brunt of the risks and initiation in dating, want some kind of game plan to work with. They’re tired of making the same mistakes and wondering why women have all the power in the dating world. Continue reading The Myth of Game Playing (Men & Women)

The Seven Stages and Accompanying?

Awareness: Before you can tell your life what you want to do with it, you must listen to what it wants to do with you.
Profession: Failure is your best friend. Don’t push through obstacles; pivot around them. Let every mistake and rejection teach you something. Before a season of season of success, there often comes a season of failure.
Legacy: Your calling is not just what you do; it’s the person you become—and the legacy you leave.
Continue reading The Seven Stages and Accompanying?

How to Know What Your Soul Wants?

A lot of people in the motivational and psychological professions recommend affirmations. You choose a sentence to say, such as, “Every day in every way I’m getting better and better,” and repeat it whether or not you think it’s true. While affirmations are a good first step to re-programming, I prefer conversations. Conversations work faster. Continue reading How to Know What Your Soul Wants?