The Myth of Game Playing (Men & Women)

Men, who are already expected to take on the brunt of the risks and initiation in dating, want some kind of game plan to work with. They’re tired of making the same mistakes and wondering why women have all the power in the dating world. Continue reading The Myth of Game Playing (Men & Women)

The Seven Hermetic Principles

The Principle of Mentalism The Principle of Correspondence The Principle of Vibration The Principle of Polarity The Principle of Rhythm The Principle of Cause and Effect The Principle of Gender Let’s analyze these principles one by one. The Principle of Mentalism Just as our image in the mirror is a reflection of our body, so the universe and all it contains is a mere illusion, … Continue reading The Seven Hermetic Principles

What is SEX?

Sex “There is nothing more bonding than cosmic sex. Sex in its highest expression is an ultimate spiritual experience between two people in the dense physical world. It is a means through which we are can connect with the highest levels of ourselves and access fantastic creative power. Yet, nothing has been more manipulated and twisted than sex by tabloid papers, religion and pornography. Religion, … Continue reading What is SEX?