Why Business declare Bankruptcy ?

Business declare Bankruptcy Federal bankruptcy laws are designed to help debt – burdened individuals and businesses get a fresh start. You declare bankruptcy by filing papers in a bankruptcy court. Your creditors are immediately barred from trying to collect what you owe them. So, at least temporarily, creditors, even the IRS, cannot legally empty you bank account, repossess your property, or cut off your utility … Continue reading Why Business declare Bankruptcy ?


MiND YOUR OWN BUSiNESS The rich focus on their asset columns while everyone else focuses on their income statements. Minding your own business. These ideas all still focus on the income column and will only help a person become more financially secure if the additional money is used to purchase income-generating assets. The primary reason the majority of the poor and middle class are fiscally … Continue reading MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS

Master your Fears

Master your Fears  There are two main Fears that can roadblock a man and women from attaining success in not just his relationships, but in any area of his life. These two things are fear of failure and the fear of criticism. A leader learns to overcome these fears by mastering his emotions. He knows that failure is just a step on the path to attainment, … Continue reading Master your Fears

Knowledge of Financial IQ

Knowledge of Financial IQ Accounting Accounting is financial literacy or the ability to read numbers. This is a vital skill if you want to build an empire. The more money you are responsible for, the more accuracy is required, or the more accuracy is required, or the house comes tumbling down. This is the left-brain side, or the details. Financial literacy is the ability to … Continue reading Knowledge of Financial IQ


BALANCE YOUR LIFE They will help you gain some clues about your life purpose and destiny. 1.    Make plan now to prepare for hitting a plateau in your progress. Go get your calendar and schedule something for 2-3 month from now. Write down something like “destiny follow up”. You don’t have to know what it is just yet. It could be that you review these exercises, … Continue reading BALANCE YOUR LIFE HERE IS A MAP

How to Read 100% Faster in 10 Minute

How to Read 200% Faster in 10 Minutes There will be time when, it’s true, you will have to read. Here are four simple tips that will lessen the damage and increase your speed at least 200% in 10 minutes with no comprehension loss: Two Minutes: Use a pen or finger to trace under each line as you read as fast as possible. Reading is … Continue reading How to Read 100% Faster in 10 Minute

How Daily Habits Work’s

Daily Habits If you are just starting from scratch, this is a lot to take in. thinking about something that happens naturally and organically is a difficult thing to do. Something as natural as fighting can take years to master when it is taken up to the conscious level. Learning something as seemingly simple as playing the right keys in the right order on a … Continue reading How Daily Habits Work’s

Why Japanese Are Living Longer by (Ikigai).

What is Logotherapy? Logotherapy pushes patients to consciously discover their life’s purpose in order to confront their neuroses. Their quest to fulfill their destiny then motivates them to press forward, breaking the mental chains of the past and overcoming whatever obstacles they encounter along the way. The Search for Meaning? The search for purpose become a personal, driving force that allowed Frankl to achieve his … Continue reading Why Japanese Are Living Longer by (Ikigai).

Customer Satisfaction is the Wrong Target

The topic of criticism provides an appropriate segue into a discussion about the overused and abused concept of CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.           Customer service is the wrong target; increasing customers is the right target. This doesn’t mean customer satisfaction isn’t important. Everyone knows that customer satisfaction isn’t important. Everyone knows that customers have to be satisfied and happy in order for them to return and give … Continue reading Customer Satisfaction is the Wrong Target