How to Save Money convince your-self.

Think about this in the context of how much time and effort goes into achieving 1.0% of annual investment outperformance—millions of hours of research, tens of billions of dollars of effort from professionals—and it’s easy to see what’s potentially more important or worth chasing. Continue reading How to Save Money convince your-self.

Interpretation and Reinterpretation

This capacity to fill in the blanks even happens on the physiological level. In our field of vision we have two complete bind sport—the points where our optic nerves connect to our eyes. We literally cannot see in those spots, but our brains automatically take in all of the surrounding information and seamlessly fill in the blanks. As a result, we appear to have a solid field of vision, even though it’s an illusion created by our brain’s ability to interpret information. Continue reading Interpretation and Reinterpretation

Knowledge of Financial IQ

Knowledge of Financial IQ Accounting Accounting is financial literacy or the ability to read numbers. This is a vital skill if you want to build an empire. The more money you are responsible for, the more accuracy is required, or the more accuracy is required, or the house comes tumbling down. This is the left-brain side, or the details. Financial literacy is the ability to … Continue reading Knowledge of Financial IQ