Interpretation and Reinterpretation

This capacity to fill in the blanks even happens on the physiological level. In our field of vision we have two complete bind sport—the points where our optic nerves connect to our eyes. We literally cannot see in those spots, but our brains automatically take in all of the surrounding information and seamlessly fill in the blanks. As a result, we appear to have a solid field of vision, even though it’s an illusion created by our brain’s ability to interpret information. Continue reading Interpretation and Reinterpretation

How Human Memory Works and Act

How Memory Works Every experience generates a memory—whether it last depends on how often it is revisited. Intricate neural connections allow memories to form, and these can strengthen, aiding recall, or fade away. What is Memory? A memory is formed when a group of neurons fire in a specific pattern in response to a new experience these neural connections can then refire in order to … Continue reading How Human Memory Works and Act