How to Rebuild Damaged Trust

If you are avoiding another person because you feel there is no safe way to communicate openly, you are probably experiencing damaged trust. If the very thought of approaching this person fills you with dread, anger, or fear, that’s another sign that you’re dealing with damaged trust. Continue reading How to Rebuild Damaged Trust

What is SEX?

Sex “There is nothing more bonding than cosmic sex. Sex in its highest expression is an ultimate spiritual experience between two people in the dense physical world. It is a means through which we are can connect with the highest levels of ourselves and access fantastic creative power. Yet, nothing has been more manipulated and twisted than sex by tabloid papers, religion and pornography. Religion, … Continue reading What is SEX?

Teach Your Children How to Spend Money

Teach Your Children How to Spend Money When we lecture about the relationship between cash gifts and economic achievement, people from the audience typically ask: “If not cash, then what form of gift are more beneficial?” They are eager to learn how to enhance the economic productivity of their children. Here again, we remind them that teaching their children to be frugal is critical. Often … Continue reading Teach Your Children How to Spend Money

Imagining your Perfect Partner in Real Life

Imagining your Perfect Partner        The “right” partner can help you nurture greater security in yourself and your relationship, and also help you develop better relationship skills. But even if you could “order up” that person, doing so would not be enough to ensure a happy future together.  You must also be part of creating it. So think about what assets you have that nurture a healthy relationship, … Continue reading Imagining your Perfect Partner in Real Life