What are the Active Relief Technique? by (Transforming the Mind)

some are positive feelings – it is important to release on even very good feelings such as peace, serenity, love and courage, for behind these feelings are hidden wants, desires of the Ego. When you release these good feelings you feel a physical and emotional release, just as when you release negative feelings. What lies behind the good feelings is something even better, an imperturbable serenity. Continue reading What are the Active Relief Technique? by (Transforming the Mind)

What is SEX?

Sex “There is nothing more bonding than cosmic sex. Sex in its highest expression is an ultimate spiritual experience between two people in the dense physical world. It is a means through which we are can connect with the highest levels of ourselves and access fantastic creative power. Yet, nothing has been more manipulated and twisted than sex by tabloid papers, religion and pornography. Religion, … Continue reading What is SEX?